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For people with ADHD, creating structure can be difficult
We can help you!

Overcome your depression
There are now fast options, without medication
We offer personalised treatment

Did you know that Sleep Problems are often
Caused by exposure to blue light?
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ADHD & Sleep Disorders

Our ADHD experts offer personalized treatment, training your brain to focus, improve sleep and structure in your life.

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Depression and OCD

Psychotherapy combined with rTMS offers a fast, effective and is a safe therapy for depression and Obsessive Comulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Personalised Therapy Programs

On the basis of an intake interview, additional diagnostics and, if necessary, a QEEG examination, we make a tailor-made treatment plan for you.

Our approach


neurocare offers regular psychotherapy that is complemented with neuromodulation techniques where necessary. Find a clinic near you.

Talk to our psychologists


Talk therapy or psychotherapy, is a widely used and proven effective way to treat a variety of mental health issues using conversation. It can be a good first step on the road to recovery.

Short, intensive help in case of depression or coercion


rTMS is recommended for people with therapy-resistant depression or compulsive disorder (OCS). neuroCare combines rTMS with psychotherapy because research has shown that it has long-term effects.

Finally, peace in my mind and better sleep


Neurofeedback is a way to train your brain. Improve your concentration and sleep so you can function better in daily life. This treatment is suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

Would you like to know whether a treatment is suitable for you or one of your family members?

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Years Experience

neurocare Group has its origins in the Netherlands. Since 2001 we are responsible for our treatment methods, including neuromodulation in mental health care.


Locations worldwide

neurocare has 17 branches worldwide, spread over four countries, namely the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Australia.


Research and publications

Our global research team has published more than 150 scientific studies. The unique working method that neurocare applies is based on the results of these studies combined with the results from practice.

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The neurocare treatment program is specially tailored for you. This makes the treatment more effective and efficient in ADHD and depression.

*Source: Donse et al. 2017 and Arns et al. 2012.

neuroCare staat voor gepersonaliseerde behandeling in de GGZ sinds 2001. Met onze innovatieve visie op diagnostiek en behandeling bieden we effectieve geestelijke gezondheidszorg op maat.

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