Psychologist/Lab Operator in Amsterdam

Drs. Lucas de Zwart

Contact details

(070) 222 80 16

Amstelveenseweg 864H, 1081 JM AmsterdamLange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Lucas graduated from Leiden University in 2018 with a research master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. In addition to a fascination for the functioning of the brain, he is particularly interested in the interaction between the psyche and the body and thus the intertwining between both physical and mental health. During his studies, as a lab assistant, he gained experience with various neuromodulation techniques and the use of heart rate variability, so a seed was already planted in that period to do something with the application of this.

After his training, he followed a two-year traineeship at a VVT organization in which the use of healthcare technology to support healthcare was central. During this period the desire continued to be involved in (neuro)psychology professionally in the future and he subsequently found a good match at Neurocare. What makes him especially enthusiastic about Neurocare is the innovative vision of diagnostics and personalized treatment, including the application of scientifically substantiated neuromodulation techniques.

Lucas works as a Lab Operator/Psychologist at the locations in Amsterdam and The Hague

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