Psychologist in Amsterdam

Drs. Merlijn Botter

Contact details

(070) 222 80 16

Amstelveenseweg 864H, 1081 JM Amsterdam

Merlijn Botter graduated in 2014 from the Free University of Amsterdam in the field of clinical neuropsychology. After his studies he started as a neuropsychologist at the Alzheimer Research Center in Amsterdam. Here he treated patients with dementia who were receiving a possible drug against Alzheimer’s disease.

After that, Merlijn ended up as a researcher at the Amsterdam UMC. He used MRI to research the development of the brain in children who had experienced a traumatic event.

Despite his love of science, he missed treating clients. It is the combination of regular therapy in combination with modern neuropsychological treatment techniques that makes him so enthusiastic about neuroCare. The small scale of the organisation, the short communication lines and the strong scientific basis of the treatments also appeal to him.

Merlijn works at the Amsterdam clinic.

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