Cognitief Gedragstherapeutisch Werker (VGCt)

Emmy van Hees

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Sweerts de Landasstraat 4, 6814 DE Arnhem

Emmy’s career in mental health started with a detour. Initially, she worked as an anthropologist for development organizations. Here she came into contact with people who had to survive in difficult circumstances, sometimes on the street. Her interest in the resilience of people was aroused. She retrained and started working in mental health care. She took the anthropological view with her: it taught her to have an eye for the social and cultural context, and for what is not immediately visible or obvious.

Emmy first worked as an art therapist with children who were in trouble with themselves or their environment due to ad(h)d, autism, or unsafe home situations. She then switched to cognitive behavioral therapy and started working in the part-time department of a PAAZ, where she worked with (young) adults who were struggling with depression or personality problems. She later worked at a center of expertise for anxiety, coercion and ptsd, where she taught people to deal with bad emotions in a healthier way by seeking out the fear or uncertainty together, on location or in people’s homes. She then made the switch to neuroCare where she combines the possibilities of neuromodulation with the power of exposure.

Emmy feels at home in working with schema therapy and solution-focused therapy. She is registered as a cgw-er VGCt.

In her spare time, Emmy likes to go for a run, disappear on the couch with a book, or dream about all those countries she would like to visit someday.

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