Psychotherapist and psychologist

Wilbert Pieterse

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Sweerts de Landasstraat 4, 6814 DE Arnhem

Wilbert has gained his 30+ years of practice experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist/cognitive behavioral therapist in a wide range of common complaints and therapeutic settings. Specifically, anxiety and mood disorders in both outpatient and part-time and clinical settings. An important development he has witnessed therein is the application of cognitive behavioral therapy, in the form of both protocol and individualized treatments. The contribution to the science of mental health care is an additional reason for him to embrace CGt.

Besides clinical practice, Wilbert has played a role in the training of healthcare psychologists and clinical psychologists for over 10 years as (lead) teacher and supervisor (VGCt). A fun and educational time, after all, to be able to explain something well you must first understand it yourself.

The move to neurocare Clinics in 2021 was inspired by his interest in scientifically based new developments in the treatment of therapy-resistant problems. Within neurocare this is applied in combination with already proven effective forms of treatment, exactly where Wilbert’s heart lies and from which he expects many of the people who call on neurocare to benefit.

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