Cogntief Gedragstherapeutisch Werker in The Hague

Angelique Boek

Contact details

(070) 222 80 16

Lange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Angelique started her work in mental health care in 1981, with a VWO diploma and a blue Monday in pedagogy. She then worked in the Psychodynamic Behavioral Therapy department of the Rosenburg psychiatric center in The Hague, both at the clinic and at part-time treatment. She was trained by Goei Yoe Djiang. Among other things, he was introduced to (cognitive) behavioral therapy. During her work she followed the HBO SPH course, where she graduated in 1996.

Due to changes within the organization, her work changed from clinical work to outpatient work. In recent years, she worked at PsyQ in the anxiety disorders department within a multidisciplinary team. In addition to conducting conversations, she gave grouptherapy there, including G-training, social skills training, self-image module, schema therapy and complaint-oriented groups.

She has also been active within the VGCT, where she has been involved with a number of people in establishing the register for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workers. She is of course also a registered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Worker VGCT herself.

People with an anxiety disorder have always fascinated her. When she was asked to join the Neurcare The Hague team, she did not have to think long about that. The unknown to the rTMS in particular was an important motivation to say ‘yes’. After all, a person is never too old to learn.

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