Psychologist in The Hague and Amsterdam

Drs. Gilius Schoonenberg

Contact details

(070) 222 80 16

Lange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Gilius Schoonenberg graduated from Utrecht University in 2016 in clinical neuropsychology. After working in regular psychiatry and geriatric rehabilitation care for some time, it was time for something new. Gilius has come to neuroCare with a preference for the functioning of the brain, where clients are treated from a neuropsychological point of view.

It is the combination of regular cognitive behavioral therapy and innovative neuropsychological treatment techniques such as rTMS and neurofeedback that makes him very enthusiastic about neuroCare. In addition, he finds it important to include recent scientific findings in shaping the best treatment for the client as is done at neuroCare.

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