Psychologist in The Hague

Drs. Noortje Buermans

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Lange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Noortje graduated in Education and Developmental Psychology from Erasmus University in 2011. After this she fulfilled various functions within the educational field, including as a supervisor for children with learning difficulties in primary schools and as a teacher. In that role, Noortje taught for two years in psychology at a women’s university in the Middle East.

When she returned to the Netherlands (2016) she went back to study and completed the master clinical neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam. This is because of her affinity with the more medical side of psychology. She started her career in clinical practice in rehabilitation care at Koninklijke Visio, where she gained two years of experience in neuropsychological diagnosis and treatment in patients with non-congenital brain injuries and visual problems. In addition, she worked as a practice assistant general practitioner at a health center, where she gave short-term psychological treatment to patients with various problems within primary care.

As a neuropsychologist, she has a strong interest in the relationship between the brain and behavior. Working as a psychologist at neuroCare group fits in well with this. On the one hand because of the application of innovative techniques, which intervene in the relationship between brain – behavior such as rTMS and neurofeedback in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy. On the other hand because of the different age and target groups, with which she has already gained experience.

In addition, neuroCare as an organization is in line with its own preference for providing care: personal, closely connected to science and with the courage to go off the beaten track.

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