Psychologist in The Hague, in training to become a GZ-psychologist

Drs. Marloes Netten

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Lange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Marloes Netten graduated from Utrecht University in 2006 in clinical neuropsychology. During and after her studies, she gained experience within Parnassia in performing psychodiagnostics for personality problems, unborn brain damage and dementia. She then worked for a number of years in Rotterdam at AOB Compaz, a company that at the time specialised in training and employment issues.

From 2008 until mid-2018 Marloes worked as a neuropsychologist at Heliomare, a large rehabilitation centre in Noord-Holland. She has specialised in the various facets of neuropsychological research (expertise) in clients with non-natural brain injury (NAH) in work-related problems. In addition, she provided mental treatment within multidisciplinary (group) training courses for chronic pain. She works with cognitive behavioural therapeutic techniques and advocates a solution-oriented approach.

Marloes came to NeuroCare because of her need for a new challenge. The functioning of the brain remains a great interest and the combination of neuromodulation with regular treatment methods appeals to her very much. She attaches great importance to matching treatment plans to the needs and demands of the clients themselves, for which NeuroCare also devotes a great deal of attention. What makes her enthusiastic about this institution is the concept of personalized medicine and the neuroscientific foundation from which she works.

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