GZ-Psychologist (BIG) in training to become a Clinical Neuropsychologist (GIOS) in The Hague and Amsterdam

Drs. Renée Rouwhorst

Contact details

(070) 222 80 16

Lange Voorhout 72, 2514 EH Den Haag

Renée obtained her master’s degree in Brain & Behaviour at the University of Groningen in 2006. She started her career at the GGZ Drenthe, where she worked in the day care and open admission department. Here she gained experience in working with clients with complex psychiatric problems. Within this setting she obtained her registration as a GZ-Psychologist in 2010.

Since she missed the attention for the brain, she made the switch to the Neurofeedback Institute Netherlands. Here she specialised further in Neurofeedback and obtained the BCN registration. In addition to her work for the NIN, she was involved in the development of the GGZ Groep: a practice that offers a combination of treatment of cognitive behavioural therapy and biofeedback.

After this she switched to entrepreneurship and started working with the practice Help with Brain Injury. This collaboration has given her the opportunity to increase her knowledge in the field of neuropsychology and to gain experience in treating people with non-born brain damage and their relatives.

In March 2015 the opportunity arose to fulfill a long-cherished wish: a year of working as a mental health psychologist abroad. From July 2015 to July 2016 she worked in Suriname at the Department of Medical Psychology of a regional hospital.

Back in The Netherlands, her attention was drawn by the neuroCare group. In her opinion, this is a professional organisation that focuses on the functioning of the brain and keeps an open mind. It is very appealing to her that the problems of a client are viewed from different angles and that attention is paid to individual differences. In addition, she considers the close relationship between scientific research and practice to be important.

In 2020 Renée started the 4-year specialist training to become a clinical neuropsychologist. She works at the The Hague clinic.

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