Psychologist in Eindhoven

Drs. Bo Aben

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Fazantlaan 27, 5613 CB Eindhoven

In 2019, Bo obtained her master’s degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences at Maastricht University with a specialization in Neuropsychology. During her studies Bo worked as a tutor for bachelor students and she gained experience with children with learning difficulties. During a six-month research internship in America, Bo investigated the effects of mild traumatic brain injury on cortisol levels and sleep quality among students. Her interest in neuropsychology and sleep brought her to neuroCare in 2019.

Bo is interested in how neurological problems and sleeping problems have a visible effect on the brain and what this means in the client’s daily life. She is fascinated by the application of methods to treat this problem. That is why she finds the use of neuromodulation techniques such as rTMS and neurofeedback interesting. The client focus and the specialist, practical approach at neurocare appeal to her, as does the pleasant working atmosphere and close collaboration with colleagues.

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