Practice Assistant

Esther Kloet

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Bijleveldsingel 34, 6524 AD Nijmegen

In 1995 Esther started as a group counselor on a group of more multiple disabled people at Groot Schuylenburg in Apeldoorn. In 1999 she made the switch to the transport sector where she held various positions as an administrative assistant, coach and trainer. In 2008 she started as a clinical studies administrative assistant at Novartis, where she supported the team for many years in starting up clinical studies.

She wanted to make the switch to a support function with more client contact. She found this in the role of practice supporter in Nijmegen.

Since December 2019 she and Monique Verhallen have supported the team of therapists in Nijmegen and together they are the point of contact for the practices in The Hague, Eindhoven and Nijmegen.

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