Clinical Psychologist BIG in Groningen

Dr. Ben Reitsma

Contact details

050 527 75 50

Schweitzerlaan 2, 9728 NP Groningen

As a Clinical Psychologist, over the past twenty years Ben has increasingly focused on a neuroscientific approach to psychological problems and their treatment using neurostimulation techniques such as neurofeedback and rTMS.

In 1980 Ben graduated as a clinical psychologist from the University of Groningen (RUG). From 1981 until mid-2008 he worked at the Medical Faculty of the RUG as a lecturer, researcher and medical psychologist (within the UMCG). In those years he obtained his registration as clinical psychologist NIP, later converted into clinical psychologist BIG. During that time, he also completed a course in cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

In 1994 he obtained his PhD on a subject in the field of chronic pain.
Ben has been a practicing neurofeedback psychologist since 1998. In the first years of 2000 he was involved in the establishment of the Neurofeedback section of the NIP and in the compilation of a registration regulation for the registration of “Neurofeedback treatment provider NIP”.

In 2000 he started his own practice (Brain Dynamics Reitsma) as a neurofeedback practitioner and since 2008 Ben has been working fully in this practice. Due to the influx of new employees and an increase in the number of clients, the orientation of the practice on treatment methods has become increasingly broad. Within a number of years, Brain Dynamics Groningen grew into a small, but nevertheless full-fledged mental health care institution with a very diverse range of treatments.

The institution was taken over at the end of 2017 and since then has operated under the name neuroCare Group Groningen.

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