GZ-Psychologist in Groningen and Amsterdam

Drs. Roos ten Cate

Contact details

050 527 75 50

Schweitzerlaan 2, 9728 NP Groningen

Roos obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Groningen in 2013. After working for a period at the Forensic clinic of GGZ Friesland, she started working at Synaeda Leeuwarden, where she also obtained her registration as a GZ psychologist. In this specialist mental healthcare institution she worked for several years with clients with a wide variety of problems. Here she followed the training as an EMDR therapist. It was also here that she came into contact with rTMS for the first time.

After completing the GZ study in 2017, she decided to take a period of time to combine her desire to travel and see more of the world with broadening her experience and knowledge in mental health. Through Corparis, she has worked for various departments and organizations, such as the Intensive Home Treatment and the High Intensive Care of Lentis, where she worked with crisis-sensitive clients with complex psychiatric problems. Subsequently, in the Autism & ADHD team of GGZ inGeest in Amsterdam, she gained a lot of experience in diagnostics for developmental disorders. She also worked here briefly at the Young Adults Department and the Psychosomatics Department. Subsequently she worked for a period in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Bascule. During this period she followed the Schema Therapy training.

In 2020 Roos came into contact with neuroCare group. This organization appealed to her because of its professionalism, the small scale and short lines of communication within the institution, the diversity of the target group and the progressive outlook of the organization in which scientific research and working in practice are closely linked. Roos works in the Groningen and Amsterdam clinics.

neuroCare staat voor gepersonaliseerde behandeling in de GGZ sinds 2001. Met onze innovatieve visie op diagnostiek en behandeling bieden we effectieve geestelijke gezondheidszorg op maat.


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