Psychomotor Therapist

Gerwin Bruinsma

Contact details

050 527 75 50

Schweitzerlaan 2, 9728 NP Groningen

As a psychomotor therapist, Gerwin has specialized in the treatment of people with depressive and anxiety symptoms, burn-out and stress symptoms and personality problems. He works with the body, a great source of information. Body awareness, body language and movement motor skills are central to this.

Gerwin graduated from Winsdesheim University of Applied Sciences, Calo Zwolle in 2000. He then gained experience in various settlements, UMCU (Utrecht), Asthmacentrum Davos and the GGZ Drenthe. He worked with various target groups before specialising in personality issues. Especially within the mental health care sector, Gerwin started to study twilight-focused working and neuro-linguistic programming. He has eclectically integrated both in his psychomotor treatments. In 2015 Gerwin successfully founded his own practice and he is now also working as a supporter and accelerator of treatment processes within the neuroCare Group Groningen.

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