Psychologist in Groningen

Marjan Schouten, MSc

Contact details

050 527 75 50

Schweitzerlaan 2, 9728 NP Groningen

Marjan is a psychologist who designs the treatment together with the client based on cognitive behavioral therapy supplemented with aspects such as ACT, EMDR and mindfulness. In addition, she gives attention in the treatment to the interaction between body / feelings, thoughts and behavior, where there is plenty of room for the client to be heard and to be there as he or she is.

Marjan graduated as a PhD in psychology with a major in function theory and a minor in clinical psychology and neuro / biopsychology. She also has a great deal of knowledge about education and has followed the Mathematics teacher study. She has temporarily worked as a teacher, but her heart is nevertheless helping clients and (neuro) psychology.

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