GZ-Psychologist & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (VGCt) in Groningen

Drs. Tanja van Essen

Contact details

050 527 75 50

Schweitzerlaan 2, 9728 NP Groningen

In her role as a GZ-psychologist, Tanja specialized in various cognitive-behavioral treatments in particular. She likes to work with clients on real change, in a concrete way, in the here and now, and where possible with room for humour.

After studying psychology, Tanja worked at the University of Groningen for a long time as a (student) psychologist. At the time, she mainly studied and trained in a specific form of cognitive behavioural therapy; rational emotional therapy (RE(B)T). A method in which she now gives training to other professionals and which she still likes to use in her work as a GZ-psychologist. Later, she followed the training to become a GZ-psychologist and trained herself in other forms of cognitive behavioural therapies and, for example, in EMDR.

Since 2014, Tanja has enjoyed working at the neuroCare Group Groningen (formerly Brain Dynamics). She mainly sees clients individually and is a co-therapist in our group therapy. From the beginning of 2018 Tanja will also apply rTMS in combination with psychotherapy.

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