Practice Assistant

Gerrie Koppelman

Contact details

(074) 2504 669

Mitchamplein 1a, 7556 SC Hengelo

In 1982 Gerrie started as an administrative assistant at the Thuiszorg in Enschede. By attending various courses and training to become a management assistant, she became secretary of a regional manager of this organisation in 1993. In the years that followed, in addition to her secretarial work, she was a member of various working groups (including Huisstijl, OR, FWG).

In 2005 she switched to a small psychology practice, Brain Dynamics Hengelo, (now neuroCare Group Hengelo) which attracted her interest because of the neuromodulation techniques that were part of the treatment methods. Gerrie set up the secretariat here and has become a “centipede” because of the years of experience she has gained in this field. Gerrie has also gained a lot of experience with the protocol learning of the various processes, which has made the practice HKZ certified since 2014. She is also a competent FAFS officer.

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