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Drs. Johan Fekkes

Contact details

(074) 2504 669

Mitchamplein 1a, 7556 SC Hengelo

Johan graduated from the University of Groningen in 1976 and after 5 years of working as a treatment coordinator in the TBS, switched to a position as a clinical psychologist in the general hospital in Almelo. There he was head of the department of Clinical Psychology for several years. In 2005 he founded Brain Dynamics Hengelo B.V.. This practice was taken over by the neuroCare Group Netherlands B.V. in November 2017.

Johan has specialized in the treatment of complex neuropsychological disorders such as ADHD, chronic depression and personality disorders. He mainly focuses on the application of neuromodulation techniques such as neurofeedback and rTMS.

Johan is trained in the application of psychotherapeutic treatment methods from both the behavioural therapy and the psychodynamic school. He is also trained in the system therapeutic treatment method and EMDR.

Within the membership of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists he was chairman of the section Psychologists General Hospitals and he was co-founder of the section Neurofeedback, of which he has also been chairman for several years. Johan has participated in the establishment of the Association for Outpatient Mental Health Care Twente (AGGT) in the Twente region, of which he has been chairman for several years.

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