Orthopedagoog in Hengelo, in training to become a GZ-Psychologist

Michelle Huisjes, MSc

Contact details

(074) 2504 669

Mitchamplein 1a, 7556 SC Hengelo

Michelle graduated in 2016 as a primary education teacher at the Pabo in Zwolle. Her interest in the diversity of the students’ problems and her need to provide more intensive care made her decide to follow the master’s degree in remedial education. In 2019 she graduated as a remedial educationalist at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Michelle has been working at neuroCare Hengelo as an remedial educationalist  (orthopedagoog) since August 2019. Michelle mainly focuses on diagnostics and treatment of children and young people, but she also sees adults. The diversity of treatments, clients and associated problems within neuroCare Hengelo appeals to her. Michelle sees it as a challenge to be able to offer each client an appropriate treatment offer and to explore together the best strategies to reduce the complaints as much as possible. In her opinion, a trusted relationship between client and practitioner is of great importance.

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