(NIP) Psychologist in Hengelo

Drs. Netty Bentvelsen

Contact details

(074) 2504 669

Mitchamplein 1a, 7556 SC Hengelo

Netty Bentvelsen graduated from Leiden University in 1985 as a psychologist and educationalist. After her studies, she worked in various positions. She started as a scientific researcher, then as a pedagogical assistant and as a teacher.

Since 2008 she has been working as a laboratory technician on the QEEG’s for Brain Dynamics Hengelo (now neuroCare Group Hengelo). It is always a challenge for her to put her clients at ease as much as possible, so that they can achieve an optimal result when making the QEEG.

After training to become a coach and counsellor, she started her own company.

neuroCare staat voor gepersonaliseerde behandeling in de GGZ sinds 2001. Met onze innovatieve visie op diagnostiek en behandeling bieden we effectieve geestelijke gezondheidszorg op maat.


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