GZ-(neuro)Psychologist BIG in Nijmegen

Drs. Joris van Neijenhof

Contact details

(024) 750 35 07

Bijleveldsingel 34, 6524 AD Nijmegen

In 1999 Joris obtained his master’s degree in neuro- and rehabilitation psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He then started working at the Sint Maartenskliniek, a rehabilitation centre that specialises in offering diagnostics and treatment to people with Non-Congenitalised Brain Injury (NAH). He was involved in setting up the treatment programme for these patients and was also able to do his postmaster’s training as a healthcare psychologist there. In the years that followed, Joris worked with great satisfaction with the NAH patients and their system and offered information, training, diagnostics and treatment from a cognitive-behavioral perspective and client-oriented framework.

The neuroscientific connection and the need for a new challenge brought Joris to the neuroCare Group in 2017. Being able to work in a compact specialist team with scientifically substantiated treatment techniques and helping to develop a dynamically developing and innovative attitude are very appealing to him. As a therapist, he stands for a model of working that is individual and tailored, and in which, in addition to complaint-oriented work, attention is also paid to the role of the personal learning and development history in the here and now.

As a practical trainer within neuroCare Netherlands, Joris coordinates the training for healthcare psychologist BIG, is attached to the neuroCademy as a teacher for various courses on neuromodulation treatment techniques and also works as a teacher of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen (Radboud Centre for Social Sciences).

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