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Are you visiting or residing in The Netherlands and need psychological support in English?

neuroCare Netherlands is an international practice for psychology and neuromodulation. We offer high quality psychological care from the outpatient clinics in The Hague, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Hengelo and Groningen.

neuroCare Clinics, worldwide, offer evidence-based mental health programs which can help children and adults overcome emotional and behavioural disorders without the need for medications and its associated side-effects. Protocols adopted in our clinics are scientifically-proven, non-invasive and can offer sustainable and holistic benefit, stepping away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to mental health.

neuroCare programs seek to unlock the underlying cause of the condition, rather than managing symptoms as presented. Our highly trained therapists take a closer look at the brain’s activity using Quantitative EEG (QEEG) enabling us to assess a person’s symptom at a neurophysiological level. We recognize the importance of sleep in mental health and draw upon a number of other tools to observe the role it plays in a child or adult’s mental well being.

Our neuromodulation programs are calibrated using the highest quality technologies, taking these personalized insights into account. Programs include rTMS combined with Psychotherapy for the sustainable treatment of Depression or OCD, as well a well-researched Neurofeedback protocols for the treatment of children or adults with ADHD and / or sleep disorders. All programs are combined with psychotherapy, with studies showing the long-term benefit of integrating personalised, one-on-one support throughout the patient journey.

neuroCare’s assessment and therapy methods have been tested an developed for over 17 years with our dedicated team of researchers, right here at the first neuroCare Clinics in The Netherlands. Since founding neuroCare clinics (formerly Brainclinics) in 2001, we have grown to support clinical teams across the world, in Germany, The United States as well as in Australia.

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Comprehensive Brain and Sleep Assessments (to personalize the neuromodulation program)

rTMS combined with Psychotherapy – a safe, evidence-based and highly effective, short-term therapy program which can help people with Depression or OCD, without the need for medication.

Neurofeedback – a safe, evidence-based and highly effective, short-term therapy program which can help people with ADHD or sleep disorders, without the need for medication.

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neuroCare staat voor gepersonaliseerde behandeling in de GGZ sinds 2001. Met onze innovatieve visie op diagnostiek en behandeling bieden we effectieve geestelijke gezondheidszorg op maat.


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