rTMS for depression

A safe, proven treatment for long-term antidepressant effects

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The chance of remission is higher when rTMS is combined with psychotherapy.

Medication for depression

37% remission rate

49% response rate

rTMS monotherapy

37% remission rate

58% response rate


43% remission rate

48% response rate

rTMS and psychotherapy

56% remission rate

66% response rate

Would you like to know more about rTMS for depression?

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Benefits of rTMS for the treatment of depression


rTMS therapy is focused on the areas of the brain that control mood so it does not negatively affect thinking and memory functions, or any other normal brain functions.


During rTMS therapy, there is no need for sedation or anesthesia; patients are awake, alert and are able to resume normal activities after a treatment session. We administer TMS in a convenient outpatient setting, so there is no hospitalisation needed.

Minimal to no side-effects

The use of rTMS as a treatment can have slight side effects. The most common side effect is the development of a short period of light muscular tension headache as a result of the stimulation. This can often be easily remedied with a light painkiller.


On average, people with depressive symptoms need about 25-40 sessions. The best effect of the rTMS treatment is achieved by following an average of 2-5 sessions per week. Usually there should be a noticeable effect within 10-20 sessions.

Natural process

rTMS therapy uses magnetic energy to stimulate brain cells which helps them to naturally release needed chemicals necessary for proper mood regulation.

Scientifically proven

We only use protocols that have demonstrated the latest clinical efficacy. By combining rTMS with psychotherapy, research shows that this is effective in 66% of treated clients with depression.

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