rTMS for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Safe treatment with long-term effects

Compulsive disorders (OCS) can be treated effectively by magnetic brain stimulation combined with psychotherapy. Magnetic stimulation is a well researched and scientifically proven treatment method with minimal side effects. neuroCare combines the rTMS treatment with psychotherapy in which we offer our care in a friendly and comfortable setting.

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Advantages of rTMS for the treatment of OCD


rTMS treatment aims to stimulate the areas in the brain involved in mood and compulsions. Thinking, memory or other brain functions are not affected.


rTMS is applied in a comfortable, therapeutic setting. The client lies in a treatment chair and is able to have conversations with the therapist during the entire treatment.

Minimal side-effects

The use of rTMS as a treatment can have minimal side-effects. The most common side effect is light muscular tension headache at the site of stimulation. This can often be easily remedied with a light painkiller.


On average, people with OCD need about 25-40 sessions. The best effect of the rTMS treatment is achieved by following an average of 2-5 sessions per week. Usually there should be a noticeable effect within 10-20 sessions.

Natural process

rTMS equipment used magnetic stimulation to stimulate the brain. The stimulation helps to naturally release the necessary substances in the brain that are needed for a good mood.

Scientifically proven

We only use protocols that have demonstrated the latest clinical efficacy. By combining rTMS with psychotherapy, research shows that this is effective in 55% of treated clients with compulsive plague/OCS.

Consultation with your (family) doctor

rTMS is recommended for clients with coercive complaints/OCS.
Our therapists can guide and treat clients in consultation with your (general) physician.

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