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Online psychotherapy

You will undoubtedly follow all the developments regarding the current coronavirus. It disrupts society and creates many questions and feelings of uncertainty. Especially nowadays it is important that you know that neuroCare is there for you. Our practitioners provide appropriate remote support, so you don’t have to face difficulties al by yourself.

Depending on the nature of your complaints and the treatment we offer for this, you can undergo treatment on location at one of our neuroCare locations. We work according to the guidelines of the RIVM and the health of our clients and employees is paramount. In case treatment on location is not necessary, we would like to introduce you to online psychotherapy through video calling. Our intake interviews and advice can also be carried out online.

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Online intake and diagnostics

An intake interview always takes place prior to a treatment at neuroCare. Often additional research (diagnostics) is needed to be able to draw up good treatment advice for you. This examination may consist of, for example, filling in questionnaires, a neurophysiological examination (QEEG) or a sleep examination (actigraphy). Click here for more information about the additional research.

An intake interview and part of the additional research can be conducted online, via video calling. This way you quickly know where you stand and whether you have come to the right place for your treatment.

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Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven method to treat ADHD and sleep problems. Sometimes the neurofeedback treatment can be (partially) performed at home. We call this Tele-Neurofeedback. In consultation with your practitioner, it will be assessed whether applying neurofeedback at home can also be an option for you.

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